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11 Benefits of Camping

Kids jumping in lake

Camping presents benefits and opportunities that no other form of holiday can and here are our top 10. If after reading this, beginners aren’t at least encouraged to give camping a try, I don’t know what will.

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8 Reasons for a Camping Plan

Image of two girls planning their camping

Camping is extremely rewarding and the benefits are numerous. It can also be frustrating and even exhausting, especially if you aren’t properly prepared for that particular trip or for camping in general. A good camping plan has many benefits.

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Camping Fridge Tips


Keeping your camp food cold is important, as is making good use of your limited fridge space. Here are our tips for managing your camp fridge.

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10 Camping Uses for a Bucket

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a big difference and we’ve decided that a bucket is an essential part of our camping setup for any trip.

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11 Camping Uses for a Rubber Band

Who hasn’t got a pile of rubber bands lying around in the bottom drawer. They turn up daily tying all manner of items together. Well don’t throw them out – you can take them camping.

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13 Ways to Reduce Camping Waste

Waste management is a mounting problem worldwide, in more ways than one, and even more so in rural and remote communities where landfill sites and recycling plants are much harder to come by.

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Cling Wrap Alternatives for Camping

Making do without cling or plastic wrap in the camp kitchen is easy and will not only be our little nod to reducing single use waste, it will also be one less item to pack and to find space for in the car. And that’s a win / win.

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How to Season a Tent

Some tent manufacturers recommend seasoning their tents before first use to avoid any leakage through seam holes punched into the fabric in the manufacturing process.

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Salad Spinner Alternatives for Camping

Who needs a bulky salad spinner in your camp kitchen when there are easy and easily packable alternatives. Even at home, salad spinners can be bulky to store and they really are a nuisance to pack and transport.

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20 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Image of girl in gum boots jumping in puddles

Rain does tend to curtail our camping activities somewhat but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, if you are well equipped and can stay dry, rainy day camping can really bring on an unexpected change of plan that could prove equally enjoyable and/or rewarding

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24 Space Saving Ideas for Camping

image of bowls neatly stacked

Probably the biggest challenge for car campers is packing the car and safely fitting it all in, especially when children arrive on the scene. Living in apartments and smaller properties, storage space for bulky camping gear can also be scarce.

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