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Setting Up Your Campsite – Tasks

There’s a lot of standing around doing nothing at the campsite, and that’s great if there isn’t anything to do, but not when there is a campsite to set up or pack up.

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Checklist – Preparing for Camping

Does preparing for a camping trip seem to take longer than the actual camping trip itself? And even then, you arrive at the campsite and realize you’ve forgotten something important.

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Checklist – Packing

Image of packing checklist (1)

Many camping horrors are linked, at least in part, to being ill-equipped for camping – either you didn’t know you needed a critical item or you forgot to bring it with you.

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Eco-friendly Camping Guide

Image of camping on the Murray River

Eco-friendly camping, leaving no trace, and generally doing our bit for the environment are all important considerations for us during camping travels.

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