2: Effort: How you can get organised for a quick camping getaway


Tent camping definitely has the reputation for being a lot of effort.

You have to pack everything up individually, load it into / onto the car or trailer, unload it at the other end and set up your campsite.

Then reverse the process on your return home or to your next destination.

But, with good systems in place, it really doesn't have to take that long or be such an effort.

In this lesson we have three resources for you - one free, and two paid.

Tips for a quick camping getaway
Our tips for a quick camping getaway will give you lots of tips to help you fast-track your departure and reduce the effort required.

The 1Hour Pack Program
If you want to take it further, our The 1Hour Pack program is perfect for you. It includes The 1Hour Pack E-book: 10 pages with our top tips and step by step instructions to help you get your packing time from many hours to just one.

The program includes 5 simple steps:

   1: The foundations: Store and order, including our personal storage solution    

   2: At any time: Be ready to roll 

   3: Let's go camping: The 1Hour Pack (part 1) 

   4: Hitting the road: The 1Hour Pack (part 2) 

   5: Post trip updates: Revise, replenish and repair

The Camping Kickstart Program

And if you want all of our tips and advice to help you reduce the effort required for camping, then join the Camping Kickstart Program to access over 70 resources, including:

  • How to pack the car for camping
  • How to setup and pack up a campsite
  • How to prepare for camping trip
  • How to manage a campsite

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