Module 4: How To Pack Your Car For Camping: The 4×4 Formula

You’ve planned your camping setup, you have a suitable car with adequate payload and cargo space, and before you buy anything, you should ensure it can be safely and comfortably transported by your vehicle.

Whether you are using your own car or hiring one, the principles are pretty much the same.

With our help, you will be amazed at how much your car can comfortably and safely carry while still staying within the payload limit, or the designated weight carrying capacity of the car.

Step 1:

Read through the following articles in the packing the car section:

Step 2:

Assuming you have a vehicle with the minimum payload, cargo space and, if required, roof rails:

Does your car have roof racks?

If your car doesn't meet minimum requirements, refer to: Space saving ideas for camping for more ideas. 

At the end of this module

You should have a plan for how you will pack your car, ensuring that any items you buy can be comfortably packed with everything and everyone else.