Module 3: The Kickstarter Kit Walkthrough: Your Camping Setup Essentials

Now that you have worked through the planning process and are clear on the type of camping setup you want to go with as well as your car, it’s time to start getting your gear together.

Our Kickstarter Kit will help you avoid the usual “trial and error” associated with buying camping gear.

The Kickstarter Kit is the list of items we wish we had when we first started camping, and it will be compatible with most of the tips and advice on this website.

And if you are wondering, there will be plenty of opportunities to customise your setup to suit you.

STEP 1: Documents and downloads

Here is a list of resources we will access in this module:
1) The Kickstarter Kit

2) Spending Plan Calculator (download)

3) Buying guides:  Camping gear and Family tents (not updated for 2023)

4) Packing Checklist (download the car packing order editable version)

5) Cost saving articles: Save Money: 27 Tips for Camping on a Budget and Nine things newbies don't need now, and what you can do instead

STEP 2: The Kickstarter Kit

The Kickstarter Kit lists the products we suggest you include in your camping setup. Refer to the notes and information provided, especially the text in red font.

You can click on the link to go to more information about what to look for our site, as well as the buying guide for specific locations / stores to source the products.

Consider first what you can source from around the home instead of buying.

Step 3: Spending Plan Calculator

If you are establishing a spending plan, now is the time to open your calculator and start establishing what you need to buy and how much you intend to spend. See the video below.

Step 4:  Buying Guides

Refer to the buying guides for product recommendations. They are currently linked to Australian stores, but will still give you an indication of what to look for if you are not based in Australia. 

Camping gear 

Family tents (not updated for 2023

Step 5: Cost Cutting Tips to Consider

If you are working to a tight budget, rather than skimp on the important things like your tent and sleeping arrangements, see if you can find some savings with these documents: 

Step 5: Work through Module 5: Packing the car for camping:  

Before you start buying anything, work through through Module 5: Packing the Car for Camping to ensure that the gear you will be buying can be packed comfortably.

Step 6: Your guilt free shopping spree

✔️You have planned your camping setup.

✔️You have identified which kind of vehicle you will be using.

✔️You have confirmed it can be packed safely and comfortably.

✔️You have established a spending plane.

✔️You have your shopping list.

✔️Not, time for your guilt free shopping spree!

Step 7: Camping Checklist

  1. As you accumulate items, start marking them off your camping checklist.
  2. As you go, delete items you don't intend to include in your camping checklist and add any items not already listed.

At the end of this module:

You should have:

  1. A confirmed camping setup tent / shelter style
  2. A spending plan,
  3. A shopping list  
  4. An updated packing checklist and have started getting it all together.
  5. An overall framework for packing the car.