Module 1: Plan Your Pitch Perfect Camping Setup – Trailer-Free

Put simply, the better planned and more efficient your approach to camping can safe you loads of time and frustration.

So let’s get started!

Step 1:

Firstly, you might find these articles useful for the purpose of planning your camping setup.

Benefits of camping

Reasons for a camping plan

Step 2: 

As there several downloadable checklists and other documents you will be using during this program, open a folder in your local drive into which these documents can be saved.

Step 3:

Download a copy of the Planning Workbook and consider the different topics listed in terms of how they might alter your camping setup. (Note the planning workbook format has changed from the above video but the same procedure applies).

Note the PDF is editable.

Step 4:

Download a copy of the Camping Setup Inspirations PDF and consider the different camping setup styles, their pros and cons and who they might be suited for.   

Step 5: 

Consider practical tent issues in the How to choose a family tent article, also summarized in the Family Tent Buying Scorecard.

By the end of this module:

You should have at least one preferred tent and shelter setup style taking into account:

  • the Planning Workbook prompts
  • the points raised in the How To Choose A Family Tent Article
  • The Camping Setup Inspirations.