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How Everyday Families Can Effortlessly Gear Up For Camping Adventures

Without the need for a big budget, any camping experience or the camping catch-22.

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Get your camping setup sorted so you can focus on the important things in life!

Are you keen to take the kids camping, but it's just way too much effort to do it as often as you (and they) would like?

Or, are you just daunted by the whole prospect of camping and have no idea where to start.

Either way, you could be spending a whole lot of time and money on, lets be honest, forgettable family getaways?

You know, the ones that become a distant memory as soon as they end.

Even school holidaying at home can be expensive and forgettable when you look at the cost of entertainment for the kids.

And the really memorable ones?

Usually so horrendously expensive they only come around every few years.

The Camping Setup Sorted Program is a counter-intuitive approach to camping that helps you gear up for camping with confidence and in comfort and style from day one with the "good gear".

This is in contrast with how beginners usually start out camping, where gear us accumulated over time, usually starting out with the cheap low quality gear first.

On top of that, the actual "art of camping" is learnt the hard way, through a process of trial and error.

It's this combination of less reliable gear and inexperience that can simply turn people off camping who might have otherwise really enjoyed it.

Instead, the Camping Setup Sorted program has at it's core the Camping Kickstarter Kit which is our tried and tested camping setup for beginners.

Rather than one size fits all, in the program we help beginners  and experienced alike put together the style of camping setup to suit them.

One that:

  • Is compact and lightweight for transporting by car
  • Is easy to pack, pitch and pack up
  • Has a fully functional camp kitchen (in the context of tent camping)
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Doesn't strain your bank, your back or take hours to pack
  • If you don't have a trailer or access to one, you don't need one to haul it for a family of 4-5
  • Compares favourably with most camping setups you will see at campgrounds
Image of car packed and on the road for camping, 4 different camping setups and a vieview from a tent

Camping Setup Sorted

Now Available For Instant Access

Price $145

‘No questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee.
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What We Cover In The Program

Our program is delivered through a mix of content styles to cater for most people. All of the content is explained in blog style articles accompanied by audio files to listen two and supported by video and images.


The excitement begins. Here, you look at all of the fun things you can do in the great outdoors and the different factors that might influence your camping setup. We also look at a whole range of camping setup styles before you decide on the type of setup to suit you.


It's starting to take shape. "Walk through" our Camping Kickstarter Kit", our camping setup for beginners, and start identifying the individual components of your camping setup. Complete with notes, suggestions, links to related tips and guides.


Everyone needs a good camping checklist. Edit your checklist to suit you, and then use it to start accumulating your gear.


For those of you who like to budget, here is our camping cost worksheet to help you plan your spending.  We also cover a whole range of tips to help you save even more money so you can buy quality where it counts. 


You've planned it and know what you want, budgeted for it and updated your checklist. Now it's time for your guilt-free shopping spree with confidence. Congratulations! You deserve it. Enjoy!

Plus These Bonuses


These essential items will enhance your camping comfort so you can enjoy a more pleasant and cozy camping experience. Our guide ensures you have everything needed to maximize comfort while outdoors.


Discover creative and efficient camping setups to suit various needs. These inspirations will transform your campsite into a functional and appealing outdoor space, enhancing your overall camping experience.


Access important health and safety tips for camping with our guide containing over 40 articles developed by health and safety experts. This ensures you camp with peace of mind, knowing you are prepared for any situation, keeping you and your family safe


Camping getaways can be even cheaper than staying at home. Get the best bang for your buck with our budget camping ideas and tips listed in this one place.


There are loads of things to think about before deciding on your family tent. This is the only tent scorecard for you.

Plus, you get my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you try out the Camping Setup Sorted Program and you don’t in the end feel camping is for you, l’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I’m so confident you’ll love what you can achieve with this program (plus the amazing bonuses) that I’ll take the risk of giving you such a generous guarantee.

Product Comparison

Camping Setup Sorted


  • All about your ideal physical camping setup
  • Includes Camping Setup Sorted program
  • Campus library - camping setup and planning
  • Budget / spending plan calculator
  • 10 Camping Comfort Must-haves
  • 8 Camping Setup Inspirations
  • Camping Health and Safety Guide
  • Camping on a Budget Tips
  • Tent Buying Checklist
  • Camping Checklist

Camping Kickstart Program


  • Everything in Camping Setup Sorted
  • How to choose your ideal car for camping trailer free
  • Packing your car for camping trailer free
  • Full campus trailer free library
  • Kickstart Roadmap
  • 9 Things Newbies Don’t Need to Buy Yet
  • Urban Family Camping Guide
  • Small Space Storage Ideas for Your Camping Gear
  • Guide to Camping Trailer-Free
  • Guide to Camping in All Kinds of Weather
  • Prep for Camping Checklist and Trip Planner
  • Cheat-Sheets for Setting Up and Packing Up Camp
  • Camping Kickstart Library of Over 100 Resources
  • Kickstart Gear Buying Guide
  • Thrift Store $7 Saver
  • Eco-Friendly Guide
  • Invite to private Facebook Group

Kickstart Express


  • Open to those registered with the Camping Kickstart Program
  • 4 guided sessions
  • Analysis of camping readiness
  • Identifying preferred camping style
  • Confirming ideal camping setup
  • If experienced, assessment of the effectiveness of their current setup with recommended savings and improvements
  • Planning and checklist for the perfect practice run
  • The 1 Hour Pack Program
  • Access to Slack Channel

The Camping Catch-22

Experienced campers do it pretty easily.

They have the "good gear", and they know what they are doing having done it plenty of times before. 

Beginner campers, on the other hand, don't get the good gear!

Because the good gear is either too expensive, or for a beginner not justified.

The cheap gear, on the other hand, gives you more bang for their buck.

And way more bang for our buck we do get, when we least want it!

When the cheap airbed springs a leak, the flimsy icebox melts prematurely and the tent collapses in a heap in bad weather, with you in it!

They then all up in landfill and leave a hefty replacement bill if you actually decide camping is for you.

But, what if you had the good gear at the outset, when you would appreciate it the most.

A durable, tried and tested setup without the high cost that you will proudly pitch, just in time for your first camping trip.

Our Counter-Intuitive Approach

Well, now you can!

Our counter-intuitive approach focuses on getting you setup with the right gear when you are starting out and will appreciate it the most but without the high price tag.

You will be camping in comfort without wondering if your cheap gear will fail when you least want it to.

You do this by following our Camping Kickstarter Kit as the basis for building your own fully functional camping setup.

And, in case you don't ultimately do much camping, we show you how to recoup or repurpose over 90% of your spending.

Whether you're just starting out or experienced and wanting to simplify your camping and lighten your load, then this new revised training program is certainly for you.

If You Are Not Convinced, Here's My Advice On What Not To Do

Don't do what I did.

It took 4 years to get a camping setup I was finally happy with. And, that's way too long!

  • Don't get tempted by the latest gimmick or bargain buy.
  • Don't expect to get answers specific to you on social media - you either get hundreds of often contradicting answers, or crickets
  • Don't spend hours and hours down the research rabbit hole.
  • Don't buy cheap, flimsy gear
  • Quality over quantity.

Camping Setup Sorted Program

Now Available For Instant Access

Price $145

That's why I created this program

I realized that, after discovering our new camping setup, I should share it with others:

Would-be beginners, urban families like us, and indeed any families who want to get into nature but are limited by the urban logistics.

Those with limited storage space, longer distances to our destination, congestion and the decreasing size of cars, and indeed the decline in car ownership altogether.

And those who don't have loads of space for trailers, RVs and bulky camping gear.

Or anyone for that matter who wants to simplify their camping and lighten their load while still camping comfortably.

And, in as little as 2 weeks, not years like me.

But with enough variety and camping setup options to ensure everyone had a result that was personalized to them, because one size doesn't fit all.

So that you can take your kids camping now!

Without worrying if you are going to waste a whole lot of time and money on something you won't actually like.

And, without the
massive learning curve, and the time commitment involved in getting started.

Because their childhood can be gone in the blink of an eye.

And because, when you and the kids are active and outdoors... are helping them to build resilience, self-esteem and confidence. are building stronger bonds with them.

... you are improving the mental and physical health of everyone.

...and it's just plain fun all round!

And the best part? You’ll Be Able To Go Camping Any Time You Like

Sign up for The 1 Hour Pack as well and you can take as little as 1 hour to be packed and on the road.

So you can go camping more often, even if you've worked all day, or all week.

If you're ready for a systematic way to gear up and go camping.

And, if you are a busy parent, beginner camper, urban family, or any family for that matter looking to get a camping kickstart.

Then you're in the right place.

We Will Show You Exactly How To Do It With Confidence

By giving you my step by step Camping Kickstarter Kit, and by showing you how it can actually work for you, you can get your camping kickstart:

✔️You can invest your money in your camping setup with confidence.

✔️You can invest your time with confidence.

✔️You can invest your energy with confidence.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines and letting those precious family moments pass you by...

Don't wait any longer, because their childhood is gone in the blink of an eye.

Yes, It's Really That Easy, And There Will Be No Regrets

No regrets knowing you are giving camping a good crack.

No wondering what to do with the kids over the school holidays.

No problems getting them off the screens.

Follow our Camping Kickstarter Kit and get your Camping Setup Sorted so you can focus on the important things in life.

You could be camping in two to weeks or even earlier if stock is available.

If you have a trailer, throw it all in and go camping in just a couple of weeks, or get in early and wait patiently for the sales.

If you don't have a trailer and you need help to camp without one, sign on to our Camping Kickstart Program and we will also help you with the kinds of cars to suit you and how to pack it.

This is a product I would have wanted when I just got started.

Now, I want to get it in your hands for less than the cost of going to the movies.

Why Only $145 $72.50

Yes, you won't have to spend $1000 to learn this.

Keeping all of these value bombs inside an expensive course doesn't seem right for something as beneficial as camping for families and kids.

I priced this program as low as possible to give you everything you need to gear up for camping.

I worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years, so I guess it's rubbed off.

That's why I am making all of the content available in this program for such a low price of $72.50.

If you have the time it's all there.

But, if you need more help from me to implement the program and save you even more time, then sign up and join the Camping Kickstart Program for camping trailer free.

And for a more done with you experience, sign up and I'll send you more information about how to join the Express Program.

Camping Setup Sorted Program

Now Available For Instant Access

Price $145

Why Parents Love To Take Their Kids Camping

LISA: A number of years ago we (husband and I) decided to adopt the camping holiday life and I relish every trip we have done since. My boys have seen many places (still so many to see!) and a lot of their holiday memories are the camping ones we have done.

For me camping is the ultimate rest relax reset and the best family time I could have ever hoped for! There’s nothing like it!"

KIM: We love caravan parks, the people you met the friends the kids make, the memories of just being on holidays.

And hey the kids are way more enjoyable! We have taken our son camping and he had the time of his life."

JENNA: We have been taking our boy 4wd/camping since he was born... He s slowly getting more adventurous in exploring & loves going for a bush walk. All kids should experience it..."

JAIMEE: The kids had an awesome time. Best of all, it felt like the camping I did as a kid so I loved having my own kids experience this and can’t wait for our next trip!"

MELISSA: Single mom camping with four kids! I’m thankful to my parents who taught me a love for camping! Something I love sharing with my kids."

SHANA:We have taken all 4 boys since they were newborns. They all love camping!!...It's an amazing way of life and so good the the soul."

SARAH: Been taking the kids camping since they were 3 months and younger! Kids are completely different while camping.

Mine are so overly active at home, yet while camping they are calm and relaxed. We love it."

SARAH: We've been camping since the boys were babies. Their favourite place so far is the Simpson desert!

We take tent or camper, depending where we go. Last trip was a month in the tent spending a few nights at each place along the way."

TANIA: We have taken our son camping and he had the time of his life."

Our Story

Hi there, Jo Simon from Melbourne, Australia, here.

Our first family camping ordeal (oops) holiday went like this:

  • We were greeted by a WEEK-LONG RECORD rainfall "event".
  • The planning, packing, pitching and packing up took FOREVER
  • Our brand new tent was a total dud in wet weather.
  • The flimsy tent awning left everything not inside the tent out in the rain - dining table set, chairs,  gas cooker, the lot.
  • One new airbed leaked.
  • Most of our new gear were in the end regret buys.

There were positives, especially the company and hospitality of our co-camping friends, and their great camping setups brought along curtesy of their trailers.

Camping setups that seemed impossible to achieve without a trailer. 

Image of Jo Simon

A trailer that, living in inner-city, we had no room to store.

Not to be defeated, I went back to the drawing board. Basically, I wanted what my friends had, but minus the trailer.

It took 4 plus years of trial and error to achieve a camping setup for 4 people I was happy with.

I then decided to help other like-minded budding family campers.

Got Any Questions

why do you charge for your information when there is so much out there online for free?

We have the information you need all centralized in one place. You don't have to search through endless forum threads and online articles full of ads and commission based recommendations trying to find the information that is relevant to you. 

I have a lot of existing camping gear. Can I still use it.

If you have a trailer or just want to "revamp your camp" by lightening your load, improving your existing setup and speeding up your packing, pitching and packing up times, then absolutely not. There are loads of ideas for you to consider depending on your existing gear and the good old cost / benefit analysis.

If, however, you want to camp trailer free, you may not be able to use some of your existing gear because of the small margins involved. 

That said, when you compare the cost, you are still likely to be ahead if you replace your gear, compared to the alternative of investing in a larger vehicle or trailer, and somewhere to store it, or choosing alternative forms of holidays.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on camping gear. Can you help me?

Yes absolutely! This is the place to be if you want to camp comfortably and safely, whether you have a trailer or not, and you are on a tight budget. We focus on keeping costs down and getting the most out of your gear. That said, we recommend you don't skimp on what you sleep in and what you sleep on (ie your tent and basically avoid cheap airbeds and thin sleeping mats). Good quality gear can last you for years and save you in the long run.

I live in an apartment. How will that work?

Our camping setup for beginners would be ideal for you. It is entry level, but still allows you to take advantage of most of the tips and advice available here on this site. The better you are equipped and prepared for camping at the beginning, the more likely you will enjoy it and want to continue with it. If not, you will find a later use for most of the items in the camping setup.

What if your particular camping setup doesn't suit me?

This website is really here to help beginner campers and families or groups of up to five to camp comfortably and safely, trailer free. It's not about encouraging you to do exactly as we do, although if you want to, that's perfectly fine with us. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!

We know that one size doesn't fit all, and your particular family size, circumstances, preferences and personalities will influence and help shape your final camping setup.

Within the context of our trailer-free and tent style of camping, we will provide you with as much variety and choice as we can to help you put together a camping setup that suits your circumstances. The more you understand the principles of our setup, the more you will be able to independently make your own additions as you go.

I don't live in Australia. Can you help me?

Yes definitely. While there are references to the Australian dollar, and most products at present are linked to Australian retailers, we also provide detailed descriptions to help you to source products locally as well. We also where possible reference imperial as well as metric measurements.

I am an experienced camper. Is this program right for me?

Beginner campers and families new to camping would gain the most out of the Camping Setup Sorted program. That said, we still believe we have useful information for any camper, especially if you are looking to streamline your camping and lighten your load. We also have a lot of time and money saving tips that would help any camper.

I have an RV. Is this program right for me?

Beginner campers and families new to camping would gain the most. There is still a lot of useful information for any camper, but the core offering won't be particularly relevant to you.

Do you do one-on-one consultations?

Yes, you can book a one-on-one consultation by clicking on the link here. Sign up and I'll send you further information. I do have limited capacity to provide more one-on-one support which is by invitation only.

How long do I have access to the program / content?

Indefinitely! This may change at some point for future subscribers, but you will have access to the content as long as I am running the program, and I don't plan on going anywhere :)

Camping Setup Sorted Program

Now Available For Instant Access

Price $145