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Camping Kickstart Kit

Avoid the usual “trial and error” associated with buying camping gear with our camping setup for beginners. This is the list we wish we had when we first started camping.

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Calculator – Weight of Car Load

A very important consideration when your car is carrying a heavy load is the weight of that load and whether you are at risk of exceeding the specified weight carrying capacity of the car, or its payload.

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What Makes a Great Car and Tent Camping Setup

We can help you choose a camping setup for trailer-free camping and touring to suit your circumstances, now and into the foreseeable future, from your car right down to your kitchen utensils and everything in between.

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11 Benefits of Camping

Kids jumping in lake

Camping presents benefits and opportunities that no other form of holiday can and here are our top 10. If after reading this, beginners aren’t at least encouraged to give camping a try, I don’t know what will.

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8 Reasons for a Camping Plan

Camping is extremely rewarding and the benefits are numerous. It can also be frustrating and even exhausting, especially if you aren’t properly prepared for that particular trip or for camping in general. A good camping plan has many benefits.

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Camping Fridge Tips


Keeping your camp food cold is important, as is making good use of your limited fridge space. Here are our tips for managing your camp fridge.

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10 Camping Uses for a Bucket

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a big difference and we’ve decided that a bucket is an essential part of our camping setup for any trip.

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11 Camping Uses for a Rubber Band

Who hasn’t got a pile of rubber bands lying around in the bottom drawer. They turn up daily tying all manner of items together. Well don’t throw them out – you can take them camping.

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